Labor and social insurance law

We deal with claims arising from the termination of employment relations - reimbursement for work, compensation for termination of employment, severance pay for termination of employment, claims for payment of remuneration for work, including remuneration for overtime work , for night work, cases regarding claims arising from mobbing and discrimination in employment, matters for rectifying a work certificate and any other employee claims.

We offer comprehensive advice in the field of labor law for employers, participation and consultancy when negotiating internal and multi-employer sources of labor law (company and multi-site collective agreements, remuneration regulations). We run cases regarding appeals against inspectors' decisions of the National Labor Inspectorate and court-administrative cases in this regard. We deal with appeals against ZUS and KRUS decisions regarding old-age and disability pensions, benefits in respect of accidents at work and occupational diseases as well as decisions on the inclusion and refusal of social insurance and farmers' insurance, refusal to pay sickness and maternity benefits and rehabilitation benefits .

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