Civil law

  • Matters in the field of personal law

    Cases for incapacitation, for the recognition of the deceased, for the declaration of death, for cases of compulsory treatment.

  • Cases related to family law

    Divorce cases, separation cases, alimony cases, parental issues, matters of contact with a child, matters for establishing and denying a child's paternity, recognition of a child, adoption, we help in the preparation of property separation agreements, we conduct cases for the division of joint spouses' property for court's separation of property.

  • Matters in the field of property law

    Protection of property - for the issue of property, for the violation of property, in the field of real estate, cases of slandering, property, management of common property, cases for the abolition of co-ownership, land easements (easement of necessary roads, easement of media transmission) and personal, cases for eviction, cases for the protection of possessions as well as cases for removing inconsistency between the contents of the land and mortgage register and real legal status, cases for delimitation of development contracts and agreements for establishing the right to separate premises, we conduct land and mortgage issues, including applications for entry and deletion of entries from land and mortgage registers.

  • Cases related to inheritance law

    Cases for declaration of acquisition of inheritance and division of inheritance, cases for preservation, matters for the protection of inheritance and inventory, for the management of an ineligible estate, we give advice on how to draw up or dismiss a will, advice on inheritance and donation tax.

  • Cases related to contract law

    Cases relating to civil law contracts, including business contracts and consumer contracts, assistance and consultancy in the negotiation, conclusion and termination of contracts, as well as in pursuing claims arising from contracts concluded, among others recovery of contractual receivables - debt collection, contractual penalties or compensation for non-performance or improper performance of contracts, housing matters, including matters relating to the protection of tenants' rights, matters relating to donations and their dismissal.

    Compensation cases, including claims arising from all types of insurance contracts, claims resulting from road accidents and collisions, claims for bodily injury and health disorder, claims for infringement of other personal goods and claims for damage to property.

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